Desert Theatre League
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About the Desert Theatre League

The Desert Theatre League (DTL) is a non-profit public benefit corporation founded in 1987 with the mission of supporting and cultivating theatre in the Coachella Valley. The DTL now boasts thirty-four Producing Members and thirty-eight Individual Members. Producing Members include professional and non-professional theatre companies, educational theatres and dance companies. Individual Members include area artists and others interested in furthering quality theatrical entertainment.

The DTL annually sponsors the Desert Stars Awards to recognize outstanding achievement in theatre arts. At that ceremony, it also recognizes those who have made continuing significant contributions to the Valley’s growing theatrical community. To assist aspiring artists, the DTL awards two scholarships each year to advance continued study in the arts. It also maintains an Emergency Financial Aid Fund to help members in times of extreme need.

The DTL is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors which convenes on a monthly basis. Current Officers and Directors are as follows:


Gina Bikales, President

Susan Berman, Vice President


Frank Berman, Treasurer


John Abramson
June August
Tony Bogard
Charles Harvey
Shirley LeMaster
Irwin Rubinsky
Karen Schmitt
Derik Shopinski
John Toogood