Desert Theatre League
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Every Saturday beginning April 7, 2018 7:00 PM and ending April 28, 2018


Groves Cabin Theatre

8758 Desert Willow Trail

Morongo Valley



Saturdays - April 7, 14, 21 & 28 @ 7 PM

Sundays - April 8, 15, 22 & 29 @ 2:30 PM


NAKED by Morley Shulman

TWO CATS, NO DOGS by Terry Roueche

BOWL OF SOUP by Terry Roueche

CORNERED by Robert Patrick

CAMERA OBSCURA by Robert Patrick

Directed by Abe Daniels

An evening of thought provoking one act plays and short script works including: NAKED by Morley Shulman, “Once upon a time two people met on the internet. Only… they really wanted to impress each other…and so…they embellished… a little. And then they met at a coffee shop. This is the play about meeting that special someone you haven’t quite told the whole truth to. “, TWO CATS, NO DOGS by Terry Roueche , “In this award winning romantic comedy script, a man and a woman find themselves at an art gallery, viewing a red (very red) painting. They get chatting to each other and, superimposed on their ‘chit chat’ are their thoughts – that they really and truly like each other and wish that the other would like them back. Their personal thoughts also intrude on what they’re trying to say to each other which leads to the sort of stuttering that happens when people are trying to impress each other. “,BOWL OF SOUP by Terry Roueche, “She’s leaving him. She’s met a man and has been seeing him for a while now. She anxiously awaits a man coming to pick her up. He blandly eats a bowl of soup. Her life is packed in a suitcase beside her chair as she waits and waits and waits as he continues to eat as if nothing has happened. Sometimes when a traumatic event occurs in our lives, we resort to etiquette to cope with the here and now. Although he seems strangely at ease with what’s happening to him. Much to her discomfort. “, CORNERED by Robert Patrick , “A young woman has painted herself into a corner of the room she is preparing for a nursery. Her husband waits in the doorway while the paint dries. Their dialogue reveals her fears, his devotion and her growing maturity. She emerges from the corner ready for the responsibilities that face her. “, CAMERA OBSCURA by Robert Patrick, “When a computer matched man and woman meet via long distance television, a transmission time lag results in crossed questions and crooked answers, misunderstandings, tears, and a surprise resolution. Overtones of totalitarianism, over population, regimentation and the communication gap surround the play's wry comments on the nature of the sexes.“